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Add default entities like location and amount

The Watson conversation service has the ability to identify both numeric digits and numeric text. I would like the NLU service to have these default entities supported so that I can train models in Knowledge studio with both text and digits. Currently, I am running a file through speech to text which returns numeric text (e.g. eight hundred). The NLU models are trained on digits (e.g. 800) I have to run the text through conversation then into NLU in order for the models to return correctly.

  • George Foster
  • Sep 6 2017
  • Planned
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  • STEFAN TZANEV commented
    14 Sep, 2017 01:32pm


    Thanks for taking time to post your idea. This NLU enhancement is already on the NLU roadmap here:

    (As an IBMer you should already have "viewer" access to Aha!. If you have issues with your Aha! access, instructions for access are available here:

  • Michel van Der Poorten commented
    13 Sep, 2017 05:12am

    George, I know that the system entities in Conversation are being redeveloped. It might be interesting to have them as a separate API (or micro-service) so it can be used all kinds of APIs such as NLU but also WKS...

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